Meet audit standards, every time.

With RedBeam Asset Tracking
– Visibility minus complexity.

Your assets play an integral part in helping you serve your community.

That’s why RedBeam partners with state agencies nationwide to simplify asset tracking 
with RedBeam Asset Tracking software and Zebra.


0% of manual reporting needed


5x less labor hours needed


70% faster audits


Integrate, count, and track over 10K devices in just a few weeks


Pinpoint misplaced assets in real-time


Automatic app updates for the latest enhancements

Combine intelligent digitization with versatile durability.

Redbeam Tracking Software
RedBeam Tracking Software

  • Log in securely from your computer’s browser
  • Track assets with intuitive mobile scanner screens
  • Create customized barcode label templates
  • Integrate with other systems using RESTful APIs
Zebra TC52x
Zebra’s TC52x Mobile Computer

  • Android for Enterprise facilitates integration
  • Aggressive barcode scan engine
  • Ergonomic design and strap enhance worker comfort
  • Up to 14 hours of battery power
Zebra ZD420
Zebra ZD420 Desktop Printer

  • Compact size fits wherever you need it
  • Prints crisp barcodes for your smallest tags
  • Simplistic label feed for faster setup
  • PrintSecure prevents access from unauthorized users

Made for Government Agencies. See how it all comes together in the field.

How it works:

Label GIF

Identifying barcode labels are printed with the Zebra barcode printer and placed on your assets.

Barcode GIF

Users scan barcodes to add new assets, edit existing assets or take a physical audit inventory in the RedBeam software.

Barcode GIF

Scanned assets are tracked via your Zebra mobile barcode scanner in real time.

Location GIF

When inventory audits are completed, reports created through RedBeam are digitally available to involved parties.

Rdbeam Tracking Software