Fixed Equipment Tracking Software Designed to Save You Time and Money.

Streamline equipment tracking and audits, ensure compliance, and improve asset visibility in your organization with RedBeam’s powerful solutions.
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Thousands of organizations in virtually every industry use RedBeam to save time and money.

Take Control of Your Critical Assets

Relying on outdated, manual asset tracking systems limits the visibility, efficiency, scalability, and productivity of your daily operations. Discover a better way to track and manage your fixed assets with our all-in-one solution.

Meet RedBeam

Equipment Tracking Made Easy®

RedBeam is an asset tracking software that gives you complete visibility of your high-value assets in an easy-to-use, scalable platform. Getting started with RedBeam is as simple as barcoding your assets, scanning them into your system, and tracking all your asset data on a unified platform – no more spreadsheets or manual entry.

  • Gain Full Visibility of High-Value Assets

    Track the location, status, department, purchasing information, and more related to your fixed assets. RedBeam consolidates all your asset data into a single, user-friendly platform for simple asset management in the office, in the field, and anywhere in between.

  • Improve Your Bottom Line

    Knowing your exact inventory at all times helps you avoid paying taxes and insurance on assets no longer there and streamlines the physical inventory process by up to 70%. Our tracking software also reduces loss or theft of assets, effectively reducing equipment replacement costs.

  • Maintain Regulatory and Compliance Standards

    Record detailed history of your assets with date-, time-, and user-stamped changes to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations and internal policies. All this information is securely stored on the Google Cloud, which uses a secure-by-design infrastructure to protect your information.

Explore the Capabilities of Our Equipment Tracking Software

  • Mobile Ready

    Track your valuable assets on the go with our mobile app that works seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Asset Tagging

    Track and identify assets and unlock access to crucial asset data for employees to self-manage operations.

  • Store & Forward

    Keep everyone on the same page with a centralized repository of asset details and share information effortlessly for increased efficiency and planning.
  • Smart Data Import

    Elevate your workflows by using custom actions, ensuring quick and efficient data updates for improved operational efficiency and effective asset management.
  • Custom Fields

    With custom fields to input data in your language, it becomes easier for teams to get on board and enable view for what’s necessary.
  • Rest API

    Say goodbye to installing and using bulky barcode scanning machines. Our advanced, built-in barcode scanners can do the job for you without breaking the bank!
  • Detailed History

    Create audit trails that provide detailed asset history for enhanced accountability and forecasting repair, replacement, and disposal for every asset.
  • Role-Based Access

    You get better data security and streamlined onboarding for each role in your organization.

Calculate Your Savings With RedBeam

With RedBeam, you can save valuable time and money by managing all your assets in one place. Cutting back on time spent tracking down your assets and manually recording everything boosts your team’s productivity and your business’s bottom line.

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Why Thousands of Leaders Trust RedBeam for Asset Tracking

The technical support at RedBeam is second to none with you very knowledgeable and friendly support staff. The software is simple to use and is a great value. The reporting and inventory control is outstanding, and I would recommend RedBeam products to anyone.

C. Cornett, Texas Motor Speedway

Start Taking Control of Your Assets Today

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Our product experts will go through our platform and showcase how you can use it for your asset tracking.

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If you and your team decide that RedBeam is the right solution for your organization, we will get you onboarded into the platform.

Live Support for All RedBeam Customers

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  • Available Daily Monday-Friday from 9AM-5PM
  • Any Issues Usually Solved Within 24 Hours
  • Free Training & User Guides
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