Equipment Tagging Software

Leverage our robust asset management software to manage assets. Tag your high-value assets using RFID tags in our asset tagging system and track and maintain them with accurate, real-time monitoring. 

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What Is Equipment Tagging Software?

Your organization's physical assets are your business's backbone. Imagine how operations could be impacted if you were unaware of your assets' whereabouts and condition. This is why the asset tagging process is indispensable to your bottom line. Equipment/asset tagging systems are software tools that help track assets using physical tags and monitor asset location, asset utilization, and maintenance history accurately. Assets tags, also known as asset labels, are printed and placed on different types of equipment/assets that are used in your business's operations.
When assets are tracked in real time, they can be managed and serviced timely, which helps extend the asset lifecycle.

The Benefits of Asset Tagging Software

  • Enhanced Asset Monitoring & Tracking

    With asset tracking software, you can achieve increased visibility into various company assets such as IT equipment, capital assets, inventory, company assets, small tools, and consumables.
  • Improved Accountability

    An asset tag makes tracking an asset easy with barcode scanning technology. This not only makes the transfer between employees and different locations effortless but also offers better accountability for efficient asset management.

  • Streamlined Auditing

    Tagging assets helps you stay on top of asset records. This facilitates accurate asset tracking and conducting audits reliably to verify physical inventory counts, pinpoint errors, and identify what has been lost, damaged, or stolen.
  • Theft Deterrence

    A robust asset tracking system helps create a tight security system to prevent the theft or unauthorized transfer of valuable company assets. Create tags for employees and assets to accurately monitor which equipment is checked in, checked out, or moved between locations.
  • Optimal Resource Allocation

    Streamline your resource planning and allocation with asset tags to boost efficiency and reduce friction in operations. Our asset management system assists in informed decision-making about precise scheduling, repairs, and replacement, as well as calculating depreciation in asset value.
  • Efficient Maintenance

    With the help of a cloud-based tracking system, barcodes, and RFID tags, you can effectively reduce costly downtime by ensuring timely maintenance for every piece of equipment with access to accurate maintenance history.

Which Assets Need Tagging?

Businesses that operate across different locations have multiple warehouses. To ensure smooth operations and that no employee misuses or attempts theft of company tools and assets, nearly all fixed and movable assets should be tagged for accurate asset tracking.

In different sectors, the nature of assets varies significantly, requiring tailored approaches to asset tracking. For instance, in the education sector, assets like computers and tablets are pivotal for daily academic activities and need to be monitored to prevent loss and ensure availability for students and faculty. Similarly, in the government sector, assets like case files, evidence, tactical items, and even confidential documents require careful tagging to maintain integrity and security. 

Tracking of Crucial Assets

You no longer have to track assets manually. Gain visibility into your company assets and know where and when they are being used. Enhance the security of your valuable resources seamlessly and minimize errors with our tool.

Large-Scale Warehouse Management

Losing or misplacing assets spread across various sites or warehouses can result in heavy damages. Asset tags help you identify and track each asset. If something gets lost or stolen, the tags make it easier for site managers to access asset data and quickly address the issue.

Asset Inventory Management

Categorize and identify assets in company inventory by type, value, or usage. Assign unique identification labels to assets for simplified tracking, making things more organized. Enhance operational efficiency, manage costs, and ensure long-term sustainability with timely replacement, disposal, or resale of assets.

Asset Tracking — Check-In & Check-Out

Effectively monitor the movement of assets by scanning barcodes, QR codes, and RFID codes printed on each asset. This will help you stay informed about which assets are transferred and who's handling them.

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