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Effective resource management is crucial to an agency’s success. Take control of your important assets to better serve your community through streamlining operations, complying with security requirements, and ensuring accountability throughout your organization with RedBeam.

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Meet RedBeam

As a trusted leader in asset tracking management software, RedBeam offers a comprehensive solution that centralizes and streamlines all the necessary tasks for monitoring and maintaining the location, status, and usage of physical assets within any government organization. Our platform seamlessly connects the entire asset management lifecycle, providing a unified cloud-based solution that includes barcode and RFID management, smart data import functionality, automated audit tracking, roles-based access, customizable data security practices, and robust reporting capabilities.

RedBeam helps alleviate the strain of limited budgets and resources by increasing transparency and control in government asset management. Our platform empowers all stakeholders to efficiently and effectively manage their assigned assets, enabling government entities to operate with speed, agility, compliance, and oversight, all while delivering quality services to the public.

Explore RedBeam's Asset Tracking Features

  • Accelerate Productivity and Performance

    Increase asset visibility and oversight with real-time information

    The accuracy of information within a government asset management software is critical for effective management and operational reliability. RedBeam's easy-to-use, single-source platform consolidates critical asset data across multiple locations, reducing errors and minimizing unnecessary downtime and delays.

  • Simplify Audit Reporting

    Streamline time and resources with automatic generation of audit trails

    Every change made to assets in the RedBeam system is automatically date-, time-, and user-stamped for audit control purposes. This frees personnel from manual and tedious tasks, allowing them to focus on higher-priority objectives. In addition, with RedBeam, you can store your asset data in a centralized, user-friendly platform, enabling staff to access and customize reports for auditors efficiently.

  • Ensure Security and Compliance

    Provide transparency and accountability across multiple locations

    Government agencies must adhere to standard operating procedures, best practices, and regulations. RedBeam's government asset management software automatically creates accurate records for each asset, simplifying the tracking and management of retired, sold, stolen, or lost materials. This ensures compliance with regulations and facilitates the investigation of potential fraud events.

Efficient Asset Management and Organization

Centralize asset management and effortlessly organize data of your fixed assets with date, time, and user-stamped changes. Our software will keep everything secure in one location and help you retrieve files as required, eliminating the risk of data loss, ensuring compliance, and saving time.

Advanced REST API’s for Enhanced Asset Management

Our Rest API's for advanced software integration allows you to conveniently pull select information from your pre-existing systems, automating your asset management process.

Enhance Accuracy With Barcode Technology

Maintain a tight asset inventory oversight with barcode scanning and get real-time updates about each asset. Accurate asset identification will help you maintain better accountability and reduce the scope for errors.

Streamline Asset Tracking Across Company Locations and Employees

No need to use multiple systems for different locations. Track all asset levels across different company branches using a centralized system. Our software solution is the go-to tool for state and local government agencies to streamline multi-region asset management.

Calculate Your Savings With
RedBeam's Asset Tracking

RedBeam's comprehensive and automated approach to government asset management increases asset utilization and longevity, reduces duplicate purchases, improves the accuracy of maintenance and audit records, and provides more accurate operational forecasting. Discover your potential savings today with RedBeam's ROI calculator.

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Why Thousands of Leaders Trust RedBeam for Asset Tracking

Nice to deal with someone that has a nice outlook and cares about the customer.

R. Coughlin, Federal Aviation Administration

Tracking Made Easy®

Platform Features
  • Mobile Ready

  • Asset Tagging
  • Store & Forward
  • Smart Data Import
  • Custom Fields
  • Rest API
  • Detailed History
  • Role-Based Access
  • Web-Based
  • Secure Data
  • Unlimited Locations
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