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RedBeam Blog

New to Fixed Asset Tracking? Learn how to effectively track and manage your organization's valuable property with expert advice and information.

Calculating the ROI for Asset Tracking

You may have a gut feeling that an asset tracking system could make your job easier andimprove your organization's bottom line. But with limited resources and so many optionsavailable, it’s critical to make smart purchase decisions. If you don’t...

RedBeam Achieves Zebra Technologies ISV Partner Validation

RedBeam has successfully completed Zebra Technologies’ Validated Program for its powerful fixed asset tracking solution. 

How Asset Tracking Systems Can Streamline Your Warehouse

In real estate, they say it’s all about location, location, location. The same can be said about fixed asset management. Much like other assets...

[INFOGRAPHIC] 10 Benefits of Upgrading to the SaaS Edition of RedBeam Asset Tracking

We hope you enjoyed this infographic with 10 reasons to consider upgrading to the SaaS Edition of RedBeam Asset Tracking.

6 Signs You Should Invest in Barcode Asset Tracking Software

Do you already have an effective barcode asset tracking system in place? 

Fixed Asset Tags: 5 Reasons to Tag Your Organization’s Valuable Property

Fixed asset tags are a great way to create an accurate and up-to-date list of all your company’s fixed assets. The problem is that many companies...

What are Fixed Assets, and Why Should You Track Them?

A company’s most valuable long-term assets? They’re not the ones you think! In this article, we explore what fixed assets are (and why they’re so...