Asset Tracker Mobile App

Now you can monitor your business assets with our asset tracking mobile app - so you can access anywhere, a computer is not required. Get instant updates about your assets' location and usage. 

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RedBeam's Asset Tracking App: Effortless and Effective

  • Use your Smartphone to add and manage assets

    Add, update, and manage asset data easily from our smartphone app. Our asset tracking software is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices.

  • Efficient Asset Tracking in the Field

    Empower your teams to access key asset data on the move! With an asset tracking system in hand, each person can view asset information, maintenance logs, and more.

  • Effortless Compatibility With Mobile Scanners and Printers

    Scan incoming assets conveniently with your mobile camera's built-in scanner. Print asset tags and labels directly from your app, no matter where you are.

Asset Management and Mobile App Integration

Centralized Asset Tracking and Management Solution

Optimize asset inventory management and track valuable assets with access to asset data. Our asset tracking apps are built to support seamless monitoring of your business assets to streamline operations, trim costs, and manage assets from a single platform.

Explore the Capabilities of Our Mobile Asset Tracking App

  • Asset Tagging

    Eliminate the hassle of monitoring your company assets physically and take control with online tracking. Create asset tags on your mobile device and print them conveniently using our cloud-based software.
  • Store & Forward

    Utilize a centralized platform for efficiently storing asset details in one location and share information with others as required from our mobile app.

  • Smart Data Import

    Simplify your workflows by using custom actions for quick and smooth data updates, enhancing operational efficiency and asset management.
  • Custom Fields

    Make it easier with custom fields to input data in your language and allow teams to access and view asset data that is necessary.
  • Detailed History

    View maintenance history and audit trails conveniently from your smartphone and forecast and schedule repair, replacement, and disposal of assets.
  • Role-Based Access

    Get better user access control and prevent unauthorized personnel from retrieving vital data about your assets and equipment.
  • Secure Data

    Our platform is hosted on Google Cloud, and Google invests in keeping the infrastructure secure, meaning your valuable information is protected at all times.
  • Unlimited Locations

    Streamline tracking of all your mission-critical assets by adding as many warehouses, buildings, locations, etc., to our system as required. Monitor who transfers equipment and tools – when and where.

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Streamline Your Asset Tracking Using RedBeam’s Mobile Asset Tracker

RedBeam securely stores all your asset data into a single, user-friendly platform for tracking the location, status, purchasing information, and more for your fixed and movable assets. By maintaining round-the-clock oversight of your inventory, you can reduce costs with timely repairs and disposal of broken assets. Effortlessly create audit trails in just a few clicks. And when you have the RedBeam mobile tracker at your fingertips, everything becomes easier to manage!

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