Hardware Asset Management Software

Get the most out of your business infrastructure with end-to-end hardware asset management solutions. Gather asset inventory data and track information with a centralized system and enhance efficiency. 

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The Purpose of Hardware Asset Management Software

Streamlined hardware asset management ensures efficient tracking, monitoring, maintenance, and optimization of an organization's physical assets. Asset data can be organized by manufacturer’s name, model name, and model number, and productivity can be improved using a single platform. With well-managed asset records and comprehensive oversight of hardware resources, your company can reduce costs, minimize downtime, make better decisions, and prolong the lifecycle of assets.

Identify, Manage, and Track Assets

Unlock optimal business performance with better asset tracking. Build a resilient and cost-effective IT environment with our cutting-edge asset management software, and stay informed about where and how your valuable assets are used. Streamline asset reservation, and optimize asset availability to meet future requirements. With being able to  track your company's hardware assets, you can effectively reduce the occurrence of damage and theft.

Develop a Precise Inventory of Hardware Equipment

Our hardware asset management tools help you track assets and create a well-organized asset inventory with automated tracking and detailed reporting. Monitor asset status, location, and configurations to improve accountability, reduce manual errors, and ensure compliance for better operational efficiency. With a clear, real-time view of your hardware assets, gain visibility into complete action histories, warranty information, user manuals, and more from a single, intuitive platform.

Complete Asset Management Solutions

Take control of your valuable assets and enhance critical decision-making with our centralized platform.
  • Mobile Ready

    For a unified IT asset management and service management platform compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices, switch to RedBeam's efficient ITAM software. Create a consolidated database and access information about all hardware devices linked to your organization's tech stack.
  • Hardware Asset Tagging

    Add asset tags and labels to your company's mission-critical hardware assets. Access complete details, including asset name, model, and status, to lay a solid foundation for audits.

  • Store & Forward

    Efficiently store asset data on our user-friendly platform. Track activity from procurement to retirement and share details with teams as required. Restrict data to only authorized individuals with superior user access control.
  • Smart Data Import

    Use a CSV file to easily add and update asset information using an existing spreadsheet or new one.
  • Data-Driven Reports

    Create a single source of truth for your hardware asset inventory and achieve comprehensive visibility. Generate accurate reports by configuring custom fields to track and monitor key metrics based on your preferences and hit your financial goals with ease.

    Integrate seamlessly with third-party platforms to elevate your IT estate. Create automated procurement workflows, schedule preventive maintenance for hardware assets, improve ticket resolution time, and immediately deliver on asset requests with a platform that always keeps your critical ITAM data protected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose ReadBeam’s IT Hardware Asset Management Software

RedBeam's platform offers powerful ITAM capabilities that simplify your hardware asset tracking and management in a cost-effective manner. Moreover, your questions will be answered promptly by our friendly customer care staff. With robust automation tools and a centralized platform, we help eliminate data silos and implement effective ITAM practices.

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