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About Us

Since 2005, RedBeam has helped thousands of organizations – including state, local, and federal government agencies, single site and multi-site companies, and other entities that need to track assets and capital equipment. RedBeam makes it easier than ever to keep asset records up to date streamlines the physical inventory process by up to 70%.

RedBeam Asset Tracking integrates the best asset tracking practices – including barcoding and RFID, detailed record-keeping, and reporting capability – into one powerful system. Our comprehensive fixed asset database is ideal for businesses and organizations with 500 or more fixed assets.

Now that's Tracking Made Easy®.

Our Mission

Make Fixed Asset Tracking Easy

Tracking and managing fixed assets has been a disorganized, manual process for many years. When we started RedBeam, we set out to tackle that issue by making fixed asset tracking more efficient, organized, and easy to use.

Save You Time and Money

By focusing our efforts on eliminating time-consuming, manual processes of asset tracking – we have effectively been able to increase productivity and improve the bottom line of the thousands of organizations who have worked with RedBeam.

Deliver Innovative Solutions

We stay continuously educated about the newest technology developments in asset tracking to provide frequent enhancement cycles with new features and regular system updates with minimal disruptions. Our commitment to innovation has stayed strong since our founding in 2004.

Our History

  1. 2004
    RedBeam, Inc. Founded
  2. 2005
    RedBeam Asset Tracking Released
  3. 2007
    RedBeam Inventory Tracking Released
  4. 2013
    RedBeam Check In Check Out Released
  5. 2014
    10 Year Anniversary
  6. 2019
    15 Year Anniversary
  7. 2020
    SaaS Edition of RedBeam Asset Tracking Released
  8. 2020
    Strategic Systems & Technology Acquires RedBeam Brand

Founder's Biography

David Bissonnette co-founded RedBeam and is CEO of Strategic Systems & Technology Corporation.

Before being named CEO in January 2021, David was Strategic System's president and was responsible for the company's sales and operations, including the end-to-end management of several award-winning software solutions. He also co-founded RedBeam and played a crucial role in its commercial success, including the acquisition of the RedBeam brand by Strategic Systems.

Our Partners

We’ve built relationships with valued technology partners to provide complete asset tracking solutions including premium hardware manufacturers and authorized resellers.

Our Careers

We're helping organizations in virtually every industry make tracking easy, save money, and get more done. If you want to make a meaningful impact and have some fun along the way, then explore careers with RedBeam.

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Have some questions for our team? Call 877-373-0390 for inquiries or fill out this contact form so we can discuss how RedBeam can support your business