Equipment Checkout System Software

Streamline equipment checkouts for your organization with our industry-leading asset tracking solutions. Maintain accurate records of equipment usage and manage asset data on the go. 

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What Does Equipment Checkout Software Do?

Equipment checkout software is a digital solution for streamlining the process of tracking and managing company equipment borrowed from other places. Universities, media production companies, sports facilities, rental companies, and businesses utilize this software to track the equipment they use.

RedBeam’s equipment checkout software helps create a central hub of information for efficient equipment management where users can populate equipment details, such as its condition, availability, and location. This helps them monitor the equipment’s whereabouts and usage.

Advantages of Using Equipment Checkout Software

  • Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

    When you use our cloud-based asset management system, scanning barcode asset tags and getting up-to-the-minute data on your equipment checkouts becomes a breeze, and that too without the headache of maintaining paperwork!
  • Quick Check-in and Checkout Anytime

    Simplify the check-in/checkout process for your assets by accessing our equipment checkout system on your smartphone, no matter where you are.

  • Enhance Accountability

    Make it easy for everyone to use the equipment! Just have all your users create their own profiles and let them manage equipment checkouts independently.
  • Ensure Data Security

    Our software is built with end-to-end encryption, which means all your company data will be securely stored in our system. No unauthorized users can access the data.
  • Advanced Reporting

    Get comprehensive reports and track equipment usage, locations, and other relevant data so that your administrators can make informed decisions about equipment allocation and maintenance.
  • Unlimited Locations

    Track assets as they move within your company and between employees, in the same building or across widespread branches and work sites.

When Should I Consider Using Equipment Checkout Software?

As a small business owner, you may initially track equipment manually using pen and paper or Excel spreadsheets, but this method will not suffice as your business grows. Juggling a growing equipment inventory and user base can be a real challenge, which is best tackled with an equipment tracking system. Keeping information up-to-date in real time using a software solution can enhance your operations by tracking users, preventing overlapping bookings, ensuring efficient rotation, and offering insights into material needs. By scanning your equipment and analyzing reports from a centralized location, you can function more effectively and reduce costly errors.

Create Custom User Roles & Access Control

Specify precisely which features and pages of the application each user role can access. Define roles such as "Manager," "Team Lead," "Viewer," or “CICO” (Check In & Check Out) with distinct sets of permissions.

Improve Productivity With Our Equipment Checkout System

Track assets as they move within your company and between employees, in the same building or across widespread branches and work sites.

Reduce Labor Costs

Barcodes simplify record-keeping, increase data integrity, and reduce errors. They show ownership and reduce labor costs by making data entry faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose ReadBeam’s Equipment Checkout System

RedBeam offers cutting-edge equipment tracking software that effectively enhances the process of asset check-in and checkout and provides real-time visibility of asset use and location. By utilizing our equipment maintenance logs to document your check-ins and checkouts, you can greatly improve productivity and, ultimately, your bottom line.

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