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Leave hide-and-seek games for the playground.

Locate your crucial assets with RedBeam Asset Tracking.

Today’s school districts are constantly having to balance asset tracking and budget spending to provide quality education within state and local regulations. That’s why RedBeam with Zebra to target ghost assets within your facilities for:

  • Quick at-a-glance identification of all your crucial assets
  • Easier auditing and data reporting
  • Lightning-fast physical inventory counting
  • Fewer lost assets with in-motion tracking
  • Minimized insurance cost for unused devices
School Room full of Fixed Assets

From furniture to IT hardware, to school supplies,

maintain transparent visibility across the whole district with one simple solution.


Digital identification is assigned to each asset’s tag.


Identification tags are logged into your database from where your teams can audit, count, and update inventory in real-time.


Teams leveraging Zebra’s user-friendly Android handhelds can manage devices on-the fly by selecting assets they wish to track.


Record movement, user-history, maintenance/repair history, updates and more via your handheld.

Combine brains and brawn with...

RedBeam Asset Tracking Software

  • Web-based solution

  • Stores data on the cloud
  • Automated data capture

  • Customized reports

  • Detailed history insights

Zebra's TC52 handheld computer

  • Elegant yet durable design

  • Android OS for maximum user-friendliness

  • Built-in intelligent scanner

  • Flexible connectivity options (WiFi and LTE)

  • Dependable data security
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Eliminate guessing games from your district...

with a fixed asset tracking solution from RedBeam. Contact us for a free assessment to get started.

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