Schools: Enhancing Operations with Asset Tracking

You might not know it, but one of the easiest ways to improve your school or organization is to put a better asset management software to work. Some of the immediate benefits to students, teachers, and other staff members go beyond clean budgets and accountability. Read more below to find some of the less discussed benefits you can expect.

Asset tracking with rfid tags or barcode tags is a newer concept for schools, but one that can lead to a range of improvements. Some districts run out of basic items like pencils or copy paper, while others struggle with storing items that can't be placed in standard supply closets. However, establishing an asset tracking system can help any educational institution — large or small — solve these problems and others as well.

How Tracking Assets Helps Students

It is not the job of the student body to be aware that their technology or school assets like textbooks need to be cycled out for newer ones. Allowing the students to focus on the day-to-day assignments and tests allows the school to look better, students to feel more confident, and improves parent's perception of the environment their kids are in.

Understand the Needs of All Students

As classrooms scale up or down - the need for education asset tracking solutions grows in tandem. The complexity of items a student needs in a modern education environment is vastly different than that of 10 years ago. It is becoming far more common that students will be provided a Chromebook or other digital device to complete coursework or take work home. If you begin tracking these assets early, you can better manage the inventory and exchange the laptops when they near the end of their lifecycle. Ensuring no student feels like they are stuck with the old, slow computer means that they can stay on pace with their classmates in a fast-paced classroom.

Develop Better Student Assessments

When the students have the right tools for their classes on-hand they can put their focus onto their education. To better understand the needs of all students, first you need to create some responsibility for their items provided by the school. Knowing that every student has the same tools to succeed will provide them with a sense of importance but will also level the playing field for gaining knowledge. When students have the right needs met by the right education assets, they perform better in and out of the classroom. If you want students to raise their GPA's and perform better on standardized tests, make sure you've given them every advantage you can provide.

How Tracking Assets Helps Teachers

Writing down each item every time you purchase or move it is a very time-consuming process. Even then, the list of assets on-hand or in storage will not remain accurate for long. Asset Tagging plays an important role in a K-12 schools outside of keeping students accountable.

Reduce Friction at the Start and End of School Years

When distributing education assets to students, teachers should be able to rely on a better system. By tracking assets the students have access to, teachers can reduce the time it takes to assign items to their classrooms. No more writing down student names and checking boxes on a sheet of paper. No need to count how many devices the classroom has ready for the next school year. No need to guess if the computers will make it through the whole year.

Share Assets Between Classrooms

The search for items that show up in a spreadsheet often times leads to unfortunate news: The device you need is not where they should be. Shared assets often times aren't documented when rented out or checked back in appropriately. There is even the more obnoxious possibility that the items are no longer in circulation at all due to damage or repair needs. Assets that are shared between classrooms become visible to everyone and reduces the headaches any organization feels when a proper asset tracking software solution is put into effect.

How Tracking Assets Future-Proofs a School

Shared assets between classrooms become visible to everyone and reduces the headaches any organization feels. The staff in an education environment can take a big portion of the labor out of the equation if the data they need to make decisions is centralized in one place. For example, if a school starts utilizing rfid tags on more technical or expensive school assets, they can tie precious data directly to the items in question. Purchase date, cost, depreciation, software license information, location, ownership properties, and other valuable insights can be at your fingertips. Administration can best sense the overall health of the tools available to both students and staff when they build out a future-proof, asset tracking solution. 

RedBeam offers a user-friendly solution that allows schools to track assets in the classroom, storage facility, or at home. Whether you have one or one hundred assets your staff needs daily, RedBeam's tracking software solution can help your administration be more efficient and your team be more productive.