Zebra TC52x & RedBeam: Easy Asset Tracking

Zebra offers solutions that enable enterprises to make smarter decisions by connecting every asset, worker, and device on the edge of their network to the data they need. RedBeam is a fixed asset tracking solution that helps organizations comply with and meet corporate governance and U.S Tax regulations associated with fixed assets.

Together, Zebra and RedBeam redefine mobile computing performance and technology advancements, empowering you and your team to work smarter — and faster. Read on to discover the powers of Zebra's TC52x Mobile Computer combined with RedBeam Asset Tracking Software, and how you can replicate the complete asset tracking and management solution at your organization. 

Why Zebra's TC52x Mobile Computer?

The importance of performance can't be underestimated: a scanner needs to be able to withstand unanticipated problems, whether that may be a damaged barcode or harsh environments. So why not get the most? The rugged and reliable Zebra TC52x Mobile Computer puts the user experience in a class of its own; built off of the highly successful TC51/TC56, the TC5X mobile computers have it all.

TC5X-series-mobile-computers-zebraTC5X Series Mobile Computers

Advanced scanning technology for lightning fast scans  

Drive workforce productivity inside your organization with advanced scanning technology and Zebra’s PRZM Intelligent Imaging Technology. The SE4720 delivers point-and-shoot simplicity with a large ‘sweet spot’ of up to 24 in./60 cm away, providing easy capture of large barcodes at close range. The best-in-class green laser aimer is designed for extended scanning range, up to seven times more visible than a red laser, plus an aiming pattern spreading out over several feet. The result is easy and accurate point-and-shoot aiming throughout the entire scan range, even in bright sunlight. Achieve first-time every-time capture of barcodes, labels, and documents, more Wi-Fi range and speed with less power.

Improved user experience plus familiarity

The TC52x offers your workers the simplicity of an Android with a five-inch display ideal for highly graphical applications, along with all the business features workers need to maximize productivity and minimize process cycle times. The TC52x also reduces training time since your workers are likely already familiar with Android devices, which means you can deliver the type of interactive apps your workers expect. Lastly, the easy, familiar, and flexible multi-touch operation works even when wet with a gloved finger or a stylus. Best-in-class outdoor readability ensures that the screen is easily read, even in bright sunlight.

A device your workers and your business can count on

The TC52x's high-capacity battery delivers up to 14 hours of power — plenty for the longest shift. Warm Swap mode enables you to swap batteries quickly and easily, so there's no need to turn off the device or close active apps. Either way, with fast charging capabilities, batteries are fully charged and ready to go in record time.

Engineered for enterprises, inside and out — you can drop it in water or on concrete and use it in dusty areas, out in the rain or snow, and still expect reliable operation.

Seamless integrations and compatibility 

Compatibility with all TC52/TC57 accessories allows you to cost-effectively upgrade to the latest technology. Support is built for the new generation of payment solutions, and Zebra’s HD4000 head-mounted display enables new cutting-edge hands-free directed-action workflows.

Furthermore, RedBeam, the SaaS-based solution for asset tracking, is accessible on any Zebra device with internet access and will continue to work in low wi-fi coverage or disconnected environments. Leveraging built-in barcode scanning and RFID tag reading capability, you get the ultimate technology advancements on a cutting-edge platform, maximizing the benefits of mobility today with the future-proofing you need to serve your business tomorrow. 


Front view of Zebra TC52x touch computer

Scan anything, anywhere — no matter what. Zebra scanning abilities can handle any scanning situation and challenge, providing superior visibility and real-time analytics. The best thing about Zebra devices: everything arrives prepared for duty—ready to deploy, easy to manage, and made to scale. With over 50 years of field-proven innovation, and options at every purpose and price point, you're safeguarded with Zebra's mindset that anticipates and triumphs over every challenge.

Zebra and RedBeam: The Key to Your Competitive Advantage

As a Registered Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for Zebra Technologies PartnerConnect, Zebra has rigorously tested our Asset Tracking solution and confirmed its performance and functionality with select Zebra devices. We've worked closely with the engineering teams at Zebra to test the RedBeam Asset Tracking solution for interoperability with select products, including the TC52 Mobile Handheld Computer. This process ensures full functionality of the application running on Zebra devices, stringent Zebra best practices are met, and seamless integration with Zebra devices. 

Experience the benefits of Zebra plus RedBeam — schedule a free demo to try out RedBeam for yourself, or download the TC52x Spec Sheet below. 

Download TC52x Spec Sheet →