RedBeam Software Achieves Zebra Technologies ISV Partner Validation

RedBeam software has successfully completed Zebra Technologies’ Validated Program for its powerful fixed asset tracking solution. 

This designation indicates to customers and partners that RedBeam, a Zebra Technologies PartnerConnect Registered Independent Software Vendor (ISV), completed certification - confirming its performance and functionality with select Zebra devices.

Additionally, we worked closely with Zebra engineering teams to test the RedBeam Asset Tracking solution for interoperability with select products, including the TC52 Mobile Handheld Computer. This rigorous Zebra Application Testing process ensured:

  • The highest level of testing available 
  • Full functionality of the application running on Zebra devices
  • Stringent Zebra best practices were met
  • Seamless integration with Zebra devices 

RedBeam Asset Tracking is a fixed asset tracking solution that helps organizations comply and meet corporate governance and US Tax regulations associated with fixed assets. The company’s SaaS-based solution is accessible on any Zebra device with internet access and will continue to work in low wi-fi coverage or disconnected environments.

The platform consists of a SaaS-based application that can be accessed on any employee device, leverages the built-in barcode scanning and RFID tag reading capability, and is used by fixed asset and IT managers tasked to administer the RedBeam program.

Zebra Validated Logo“Zebra Technologies has always been an innovator at the front line of business with solutions that deliver a performance edge and successfully completing the Validated Program is an important step in reaching fixed asset tracking and IT managers that rely on Zebra mobile computers,” said David Bissonnette, RedBeam’s Co-Founder. “With productivity being a top pain point for IT managers, RedBeam is committed to making it as easy as possible to track and manage your organization’s valuable property. The successful completion of Zebra’s Validated Program brings us one step closer to delivering on that mission.”

As a specialist provider of fixed asset management software since 1999, RedBeam is now part of the Strategic Systems family and offers a comprehensive solution to help you comply and meet corporate governance and US Tax regulations.

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