Easily Track Facility and Job Site Assets

Power your workforce with an efficient, centralized asset tracking solution for job site tools and equipment.


Protect Your Asset Investments

Get real-time visibility of your critical assets and reduce theft, loss, or damage.

Your tools are critical to the productivity and profitability of your job sites – but do you have real-time visibility of their location, condition, and other important equipment data? Manually tracking assets creates unreliable asset records and impacts the ROI of your tools and equipment. RedBeam helps you quickly make accurate records for your assets and track your assets throughout each lifecycle stage – enabling more informed purchasing decisions and enhancing your investments.


Streamline Job Site Operations

Eliminate time spent on tracking down tools and equipment.

Tracking and managing assets is time-consuming, taking 45-90 minutes per person, per day on average. Spend less time and funds managing the assets at your facility or jobsite and more time generating revenue with our consolidated tool tracking solution. RedBeam’s user-friendly platform allows you to track down tools across all your job site or facility locations and get to work on your next project.


Audit Assets Efficiently

Increase accountability and accuracy with streamlined inventory and auditing process.

Is your facility’s asset audit taking up valuable time that could be repurposed for other tasks? With RedBeam, you can decrease time spent on auditing and inventories by up to 70% with our easy-to-use tool tracking platform. RedBeam stores your asset data in a centralized platform where inventory managers can access and customize reports for auditors quickly.

Industry Case Study

Dec 16, 2021

How an Asset Tracking System Can Streamline Your Warehouse

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RedBeam frees you from the taxing task of digging through inaccurate spreadsheets. Our user-friendly platform can help you create an agile system for tracking your facility’s fixed assets. 

Tracking Made Easy®

Platform Features

Mobile Ready
Asset Tagging
Store & Forward
Smart Data Import
Custom Fields
Rest API
Detailed History
Role-Based Access
Secure Data
Unlimited Locations
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Increase your ROI on your tools and equipment inside your facility with our cost-effective, tool tracking system. Explore your potential savings with our effortless ROI calculator.

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Enhance Your Facility's Asset Tracking System

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