RFID in Education: Why It’s Beneficial for Higher Education

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) has many uses across different industries. One industry beginning to see the benefits of RFID technology is the education industry. While at first thought it may seem unfitting, RFID in education can help decision-makers with numerous parts of their job.

Using RFID asset tracking in the educational space has various benefits to consider as an educational leader. However, it’s essential to know how RFID asset tracking for education is helpful and the various purposes RFID technology could serve. This article will clarify any confusion about RFID asset tracking in education and help you identify the positive impacts of RFID technology in an educational institution.

RFID asset tracking protects a university’s long-term valuable materials to guarantee the proper location and use of various devices. RFID asset tracking works by assigning valuables fixed asset tags that allow you to verify equipment location, value, and condition quickly. A high-quality RFID asset tracking system can save higher education institutions time and money otherwise spent on managing materials and compensating for lost or stolen devices.

RFID technology can help identify an object’s location and history beyond typical tracking capabilities, and RFID tracking can access crucial data critical to tracking valuable educational materials. With RFID asset tracking, educators can focus on their students and the value of what they teach instead of frequently worrying about tracking valuable assets manually.

The Benefits of Asset Tracking for Higher Education Organizations

Education asset tracking can benefit universities significantly and hold massive value. However, it’s essential to identify the value of asset tracking for education and how you can use RFID to benefit student and faculty lives.

Attendance Management

Manually monitoring student attendance is a hassle for many educators and something that can easily slip the mind. RFID asset tracking provides a more reliable method of tracking student attendance, which factors into grades for many universities. An RFID asset tracking system would allow students to scan or insert a tag on their student identification card to monitor their attendance and for professors to track lateness or absence from classes.

RFID attendance tracking is possible when students have an identification card with an embedded RFID tag containing a serial number. Serial numbers are unique to each student and faculty member to guarantee that an individual is permitted on campus property.

Library Book Handling

University libraries contain valuable student resources that educators must safeguard to protect the school’s financial assets and the student’s educational journey. Library book handling is a critical component of why RFID asset tracking for universities is essential.

RFID solutions can track a library book’s location on campus to guarantee that resources don’t go missing. Additionally, RFID asset tracking can identify who a book is assigned to, making it easier to track down missing materials. RFID asset tracking is crucial for educators seeking ways to reduce theft, loss, or misappropriation of library resources.

Streamlining Inventory Audits

Inventory audits are a necessary but time-consuming process for universities when conducted manually. Implementing RFID-enabled asset tracking solutions can streamline your school’s fixed assets inventory audits.

RFID asset tracking stores essential asset data for teachers and staff to create auditor reports efficiently and accurately. With high-quality RFID-enabled systems, universities can audit inventory up to 70 percent faster than manual auditing.

Improving Security Systems

Keeping students and faculty safe is a priority for any educational institution, and RFID asset tracking systems can help guarantee security. RFID tracking systems can grant or restrict access to numerous places on a university’s campus to prevent harm to the students, faculty, or campus property.

For instance, RFID asset tracking solutions can enable role-based user security that allows leaders to restrict or grant access to specific employees or students easily. Without an RFID system, it is more difficult for university leaders to identify unknown individuals attempting to enter campus property.

Creating a Sustainable System

RFID asset tracking systems benefit universities by creating a sustainable system and framework for managing the use of technology on campus. Technology devices, including smart boards, device programs, video beams, and student computers, are essential to daily university life, making it critical for schools to have a system that protects their devices.

RFID asset tracking controls your school’s assets while crafting a framework to sustain classroom technology. By implementing RFID asset tracking technology, universities can focus on educating students and eliminate the challenging process of tracking hundreds of educational technology devices.

Tracking Loaned Media Equipment

Higher education facilities often lend media equipment to students, such as laptops and cameras. While these devices are necessary for many classes, educators often worry about safety and possible damage or theft of valuable media equipment.

An RFID asset tracking system allows students to borrow and return media equipment outside business hours. This system is possible because of RFID-enabled lockers where students return the borrowed equipment within an allotted time. RFID asset tracking systems make it easy to track equipment and ensure that students return it on time to determine any late fees.

RFID-enabled lockers require students to tap their RFID student card onto a locker to access it and return the media equipment. This system protects against theft and holds students responsible for equipment when it’s in their care. Additionally, this system allows faculty to track media equipment and collect quick, accurate inventory data.

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